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AOS Africa is an fully integrated marketing and communications agency.
We  provide all the communication and marketing services that are necessary to  brands in order to succeed in Africa.

Operating through west and central Africa, we are able to deliver boldly,  solutions :

that rest on a strong strategic expertise coupled with a high quality and  efficient platform of multi-services

that are creative and innovative

that are locally/culturally appropriate and relevant

that remain profitable and transparent Our objective is to be the communication and marketing agency of choice for  bold businesses and individuals in Africa

We’re here to push your company forward, to make remarkable strategic  and visual work on your brand and, most of all, to bring value, fun and  energy to all the targets your brand and company interact with.

Our objective is to help you, our clients, achieve your goals through the  use of local insights, culturally relevant strategies and innovative  communications channels.

We are a West Africa based agency with a network across the continent.